Record of new business creation

  • Terrada Music Score Co., Ltd. (now GVIDO MUSIC Co., LTD) (2015 - 2019)

    We developed the world’s first dual screen digital music score device GVIDO. We designed the business, realized mass production, and built sales channel and support system. At the same time, we developed GVIDO service for electronic music score sales and cloud service. Our marketing activity drew high attention.
    GVIDO was awarded Good Design Award BEST 100 in Japan, and Red Dot Award and iF DESIGN AWARD 2019 in Germany.


    • ・Establishing a company
      ・Planning business
      ・Research, market analysis

    • ・Designing
      ・Development, trial manufacture and design
      ・Unveiling trial product
      ・Social marketing
      ・Establishment of organization and system

    • ・Commercializing products, developing service
      ・Sales, marketing
      ・Electronic musical score display devices, accessories
      ・Service, solution
      ・Content negotiation
      ・Global operation

New development achievements

  • The Asahi Shimbun Company (2014 - 2016)

    We proposed a new electronic newspaper using EPUB technology. We jointly unveiled the next-generation newspaper production process and the new business model in the 22nd Japan Newspaper Production Show in 2015.


    • ・Generating ideas
      ・Technological research
      ・Market analysis, process analysis

    • ・UX design
      ・Development and trial manufacture
      ・Unveiling trial product
      ・Event support
      ・Proposing business plan

Consulting achievements

Rakuten, Inc. (2014 - 2016)

As an advisor of Rakuten books business, we conducted analysis, proposal, and improvement of domestic/international businesses, and also human resource training. We also provided advice on domestic and international M&A matters.


・Business analysis
・Operation improvement proposal
・Human resource training
・M&A strategy (global)

Hibino Corporation (2019, personal contract)

As an advisor, we analyzed global M&A matters and proposed strategies. We also analyzed the entire business and eventually made proposals on the global human resource training and medium-to-long term strategy.


・M&A strategy (global)
・Strategy proposal
・Global human resource training
・Medium-to-long term strategy

Media Appearance

March 15, 2018

We were introduced in the business column in The Nikkei. We were also introduced in Nikkei Marketing Journal on March 12, 2018.
The era of electronized music scores will come - musicians and engineers in symphony

July 26, 2016

F55 Creative Design Studio was featured in a TV program “World Business Satellite” by TV Tokyo.
Massive business by unipersonal company - Team power, rather than individual talent, is the key to win
Web article

June 3, 2016

Warehouse TERRADA and F55 jointly established Terrada Music Score to develop a device dedicated for electronic music scores.