Business description

F55 Creative Design Studio undertakes projects such as starting up new business and restructuring existing business. In addition to designing and planning, we also undertake engineering and global projects. We organize an optimum team for each project with resources inside and outside the company, and promote the projects as performance-based projects.

Project Examples

(1)New Business Creation

We propose new products and services based on the request from clients. We create the framework for all the areas including prototyping, designing, commercializing, manufacturing, sales, and support. We also promote the project as a project member.

(2)New Development

We support the development of latest technologies in your new business. We also support the UX. In addition to technological research, we also conduct market analysis and prototyping at a practical level. We also propose new business and support promotions.

(3)Consulting (including matters we join as an advisor)

We join the business as an advisor or a consultant to restructure the existing business or to start up new business. We conduct analysis, strategy planning, organization management, business promotion, marketing, and promotion at a global level.
We support a wide range of categories of work. Please feel free to contact us.

Since we support a wide range of categories, please contact us first.